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T’was not every day he chose to stroll through the Castle of Dalmasca - even rarer still when the subject of his travels was not it’s Queen. Rather this time he made his way’s through the palace’s ornate halls in search of Rasler.

He’d not seen the man in quite some time, and as such he knew not what compelled him to seek out the would-be King. Let alone why he would do so with a bottle of Madhu in hand, and a game in mind.

He turned into the royal suite, hoping that this would be where he would find Nadrabia’s young prince. Pushing open the door, he cast his eyes about. After all, things should get awkward were he to encounter Ashe.

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    "You disapprove?" He asks with a smile, brow raising.
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    Rasler shakes his head. The company his wife had found herself in was something else. Much different from his time with...